How to maximise the space in your small kitchen

A small kitchen is perhaps the most undesirable thing. Unfortunately, urbanites and apartment dwellers can’t expand their kitchen area. All you can do is to maximise the storage space. Smart cabinetry and space saving design can help you create an easy to clean, organised, and functional kitchen. Here are a few things that you can do to improve the heart of your home.

Buy a rolling cart or get a customised rolling cart/cabinetry
Rolling carts are small Kitchen’s BFF. You can buy a cart or get a cabinet designed as per your choice. It can be wheeled in and out as required. Rolling carts are great for storing vegetables, fruits, and other items that you frequently need in your kitchen.

Install hooks wherever possible
Have a pack of hook handy in your home and install them where you find space, preferably on the insides of the cabinet doors. You can hand over mitts, measuring cups, etc. on the hooks instead of having them occupy the cabinet shelves.

Get a customised pull-out pantry
If you don’t have room for a proper pantry, get in touch with us today to get a slim pull-out pantry designed for your kitchen. You can tuck it into the tightest space and since it is ‘pull-out and push-in one, you can keep everything organised and yet accessible. These pull out pantries are great for storing all your dried goods such as pasta, beans, grains, canned good, coffee, and much more.

Remove the door of your kitchen
A small kitchen will look much bigger if you remove its door. You can even get the wall removed to further open it up. The door blocks movement and occupies significant space.

Opt for smart cabinetry   
Standard cupboards do not help you store more in less space. So, get in touch with us to know more about how you can make your cabinetry smart enough to hold more than it normally does. For example, you can take your upper cabinetry all the way to the ceiling and store occasionally used crockery pans, and dried products there. Handles give a cluttered look to small kitchen. Instead of conventional handles, you can go for handle-less touch catches.
We hope these tips help you maximise the storage space in your small kitchen and yet make it look spacious. If you are looking for kitchen renovation and need smart, sleek, and yet functional cabinetry, get in touch with us today.